Legal Aid

Family Matters - Telephone: (02) 6921 6588 for an appointment (fortnightly visiting service at Griffith Courthouse between 11am - 1pm).
Civil Matters: Legal Aid NSW visits Griffith on once every month via appointments. 

If you have a legal problem and you can't afford a lawyer, Legal Aid NSW can help you.  Sometimes an advice session with one of Legal Aid's experienced lawyers will be enough to solve your problem. If you need more help, Legal Aid NSW may provide a lawyer to help with your case. 

Legal Aid offers a civil advice service for problems with:
- Debt or credit
- Discrimination
- Human rights or civil liberties, including privacy
- Housing (including eviction or loss of housing)
- Something you bought
- Unfair contracts/consumer protection
- Government departments, including Centrelink or the Police

People can see us at the Griffith Community Centre once every month, and once every month at the Griffith Aboriginal Legal Service. People can ring to make an appointment, or just drop in. If you do want to make an appointment for the Community Centre service, please call Legal Aid Wagga on Tel: (02) 69216588.  For appointments for the ALS service, please ring the ALS Tel: (02) 6962 7675.

For Criminal Matters, please telephone the Wagga Wagga office.


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